Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there FDA and/or NIOSH certification for the products being produced?
We do have access to FDA and non-FDA.

2. Are you/they currently manufacturing these products?
Nitrile Gloves are manufactured in the USA in NH; Charles M. Baker, president of the 510k nonprofit (Great North Woods Association for the Blind), has access to the 510k Nitrile Exam Gloves made in America.


If so, how many units are being produced per day?
500 cases per week – with a contract we can ramp it up to possibly 2,000 cases per week. We source both nitrile and vinyl gloves, masks and respirators and have lead times ranging from 14 days to 3 weeks and up to 45 days with unlimited supply. 

Masks – we do not make but we have 100k pieces landing by air each 14 days. We source both masks and respirators and have lead times ranging from 3 weeks to 45 days with unlimited supply.


If not, what is the timeframe expected to produce these products?

6-8 weeks for domestic. Factory is located in NH.


3.   Is there immediate access to raw material or are there any delays with the supply chain?  

It takes 6 weeks to get the raw material needed to manufacture domestically.