COVID-19 Supply Depot Exchange

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Surgical Face Masks 510(k)  

Adult & Junior Protective Face Masks Non-Medical

Veterans United Gloves:

Nitrile Exam 510(k), Pure Nitrile Industrial,

"UNITY" Vinyl/Nitrile Blend, Vinyl (PVC),

Natural Rubber Tree Latex

(Medical Exam 510(k) & Industrial) 

Thermometry Systems / Sterilization Devices

Hand Sanitizer & Dispensers

... and More

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Supply Chain Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic
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New Products

These are the newest products that are currently available for order. All products have an independent delivery timeline from an emergency response accelerated delivery to normal delivery times depending upon the product and the delivery mode of each shipment. 

Veterans United has the highest regard for quality with all of our products. Our masks, gloves and hand sanitizer are manufactured at FDA approved facilities with a number of FDA Cleared 510(k) certifications. Our products meet all stated standards/requirements, without exception.