Our Goals   

Protecting Americans with Awareness and Access to Total Quality Products You Can Trust

Mask Production Before Veterans United

Before Veterans United National Consortium (VU) was established, the state of the non-medical mask commercial market was such where masks were produced at facilities without FDA clearance, filtering efficiency was under 95% and/or there was no testing at all and only cotton masks with one layer were available – quality protective masks were not available.

NOTE: Using any face covering is better protection than using nothing at all ... but why take chances when you can be safer and protect others who are vulnerable.


Current VU Market Availability

Protect yourself with the top quality non-medical masks, manufactured in facility with FDA clearance, and with filtration testing results above 95%. These masks also have European medical certification (CE).

We have Veterans United masks available immediately! 

Use Smart Buying Strategies to Protect Our Future

During COVID-19, buy only known brands to keep you safe ... don't buy based on price alone. In order to help create critical PPE factories in the USA for gloves, gowns and masks, 20% of the VU brand sales will go towards making this goal a reality. Americans have a multitude of buying choices but many of those choices lead us back to the same issue... continually fostering an inability to bring domestic manufacturing back to the USA. Make the right choice and buy the Veterans United brand to help protect us all in the future.

Nitrile Gloves

Veterans United owns six (6) types of medical gloves including the 1st Nitrile Pilgrim. These gloves have FDA 510(k) specifications, were INVENTED BY veterans, and stolen by others. Bring manufacturing back to those who started the rubber glove, condom and the balloon. 


WWI veteran Neil Tillotson invented and patented in 1990 the nitrile medical glove. From 1990-2004, the U.S. nitrile medical glove industrial base built by Neil and his son, Rick Tillotson.  They were the sole global supplier for nitrile gloves, creating more than 7,000 jobs and more than $500M in revenue for the U.S. economy. By 2004, the global supply produced by the U.S. industrial base was in decline due to patent infringement. By 2010, the transfer of the nitrile industrial base to Asia was complete costing thousands of American jobs even though the patent had not expired.


Today, 100% of the global medical glove manufacturing capacity is owned and controlled by the Asian Pacific (APAC) industrial bases consisting of China, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. The total federal government requirement of medical gloves is solely supplied by the APAC.  – Statement by Rear Admiral John Polowczyk on July 2, 2020 –



Non-medical NIOSH N95 for protection workers 

>95% BFE


FDA approved facility and (CE) certified 3-Ply Masks 

Adult and Junior masks

>95% BFE

Our #1 mission is to protect vulnerable Americans and get masks to those who cannot afford them. We have boxes of 10 and 20 masks, individually wrapped in packs of five (5) each for additional protection.

How Did We Get Here

Our current state where there is a lack of domestic manufacturing is due to Americans buying the cheapest products while not being concerned enough to ensure the need for American manufacturing. American buying habits can either protect us or kill many Americans in the future. During this pandemic, no medical gloves could be made in the USA ... absolutely zero. (US manufacturing produces only 25M of the 30B gloves needed, and none are medical).


USA capacity during April/May of the pandemic was only 10% for protective face masks. The new capacity is 20%.