Intelligent Temperature Measurement

Intelligent Temperature Measurement


Monitor Building Access  More Efficiently

  • Monitor Building Access More Efficiently

    •  Ideal application for school entry points

    •  Quickly screen for fever

    •  Gates remain closed upon detection of fever; Opens automatically when normal temperature detected

    •  Single or Double mechanism

    •  Highly mobile

    •  Supply Voltage: 110V-240V, 50HZ/60Hz 

    •  Brushless motor 

    •  IR sensor: 6 pairs

    •  Size:  55"(h) x 4.7"(d) x 38.5"(w)

    •  Gate open signal: Relay/RS485

    •  Material: Stainless steel and tempered glass Anti-collision mechanism, Hall switch locating

    •  Acrylic arm