UV Light Sterilizer Trolley

UV Light Sterilizer Trolley


Radiation Sterilization Equipment, Ultrasonic Sterilization


  • UV Light Sterilizer Trolley

    •  Mobile Medical Dynamic ultraviolet air sterilizer 

    •  Sturdy construction in rustproof, heavy gauge stainless steel for use

    •  Generates steam under pressure and temperature between 120°C to 135°C 

    •  Once the right temperature is reached, the instruments are subject to a saturated steam environment for a pre-specified time which results in safe and guaranteed sterilization 

    •  Available in various models and sizes from 6 liters capacity to 150 liters capacity to suit different application

    •  Ideal for uses in: hospitals, patient lobbies, restrooms, hallways, locker rooms, break rooms, entryways, utility rooms, schools, classrooms, hallways, auditoriums, libraries, chapel, cafeterias, large room environments, administrator offices, conference rooms, storage rooms, gymnasiums, maintenance areas, etc.