UV Sterilizer Cabinets – Multiple Sizes/Pricing

UV Sterilizer Cabinets – Multiple Sizes/Pricing


Double-Door (10 or less)      $350.00

Double-Door (10 or more)   $300.00


Single-Door (10 or less)        $280.00

Single-Door (10 or more)     $250.00


Call for pricing/availability on the smaller sizes


  • UV-c Ultraviolet Disinfection

    •  Ultraviolet sterilization

    •  UV-c can kill all kinds of microbes, including: viruses,
    bacteria, spores, mycobacterium, fungi, mycoplasma and
    rickettsial, broad-spectrum resistance

    •  Multiple configurations, (4) size options

    •  Ideal for school uses in: hosptals, classrooms, libraries,
    cafeterias, administrator offices, conference rooms,
    break rooms, utility rooms, maintenance areas, etc.